Ready-mixed concrete plant

Sang Shekan Gharb

Sang Shekan Gharb Ready-mixed concrete plant
Quality is our distinctive feature. What sets us apart is our quality. As the biggest producer of ready-mixed concrete in Iran, we hereby declare that we are fully prepared to meet the demands of the Tehran-area civil engineering and construction sectors. We do this by utilizing modern and cutting-edge automated equipment and rigorous quality control throughout the entire concrete production process.
Several salient characteristics of the Sang Shekan Gharb ready-mixed concrete factory
• Adhering to national and international norms for the manufacture of concrete
• Achieving the maximum degree of client satisfaction;
• Ready-mixed concrete in Tehran is produced with the most advanced batching facility available, possessing the largest number of raw material storage silos, measurement tools, and contemporary mixers.
• Its 63-meter-long schwingpump is the longest in Iran; this time, enjoy speed and precision, boost productivity, and save expenses collectively.
• A fully equipped, contemporary fleet of vehicles and concrete will be provided for various building projects in Tehran in the shortest amount of time and with the finest quality thanks to our variety of transport truck mixers.
• Using a ground pump and a mast pump of various sizes.
• Constant monitoring of quality assurance by XRF and durability testing at the quality control lab.
• Using premium sand from Sang Shekan Gharb’s ready-mixed concrete factory’s mine to manufacture the highest-grade concrete in the whole country.